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LG G5 releasing soon with 4K display and Snapdragon 820 SoC

In the couple of years, the smartphone era has passed through a brand new revolution, where a smartphone manufacturer is attempting to package entire world in type of smartphone. The most recent smartphone of 2014 are carrying specifications and incredible features and advanced. But something is missing; Every smartphone that was launched in 2014 will work perfect and is interesting. The missing thing is something groundbreaking. Well this revolutionary something could be defined with something new, something wonderful which can force you to believe that it can happen with a smartphone. Yes, we are not far from it, in 2015 several such devices would be welcomed by us and on the top of list, we've got LG G5 which could be the truly breakthrough in the industry.

We'd find several smartphones in it if we talk about the LG G series and the most leading are LG G2, G3 and G4. Yet, LG G4 has not made its entry yet but in the first quarter of 2015 we'd see LG G4 on the market shelves. As per the LG G series smartphone preceding starts, LG merely launches one top smartphone every year, so launch of LG G5 in the 2015 is still in dilemma but there exists few release date chances, so let's discover them.
LG G5 release date possibilities:


Sony Xperia Z show, Galaxy Note series, Apple iPhone show, Samsung Galaxy S series and LG G series is really on the top in regards to the premium smartphones. According to market study and the specialists two LG G smartphones might be seen by us in 2015. Yes, LG G5 release date might be scheduled for 2015.

Following the start of LG G3, LG is in silent mode and next premium start would be of course LG G4 and LG G5.

LG would keep an adequate difference between the release date of LG G5 release date and LG G4. So, you can't anticipate it earlier. If you're LG G3 user then you certainly might not update your cellphone with LG G4 but LG G5 might force you to upgrade your phone, so let us find it why!

LG G5 Specifications and Features

  • Snapdragon 820 SoC Octa-Core processor clocked at 2.2 GHz
  • 5.6 inches flexible 4K resolution Accurate HD IPS screen
  • Touch ID and Retina sensor security characteristics
  • Fast Charging ability - Charge your phone in 10 minutes only
  • New Interactive software and display
  • Battery supported by space charging
  • Practically no heat with new cooling attribute within the cellphone

This is only a summary of the LG G5 specifications and attributes. Yes, there's lot more to discover and groundbreaking to be revealed. Existed rumours of LG G4 indicate, it to be a creature and main smartphone. On other hand, LG G5 would be at extreme end.

lg g5 pro

The phones are getting quicker then a laptop and this statement would be accomplished by the smartphone of 2015 and who knows if it'd be done by our flagship LG G5, the present perspective is really interesting and yes the closing perspective would likewise be, we expect! and also the LG G5 cost would be quite fascinating because of its all premium things.

Recent news regarding the LG Nuclun chipset that LG engineers manage to create its own chipset with the settings of 4(P p) similar to Exynos huge.SMALL octa-core central processing unit first appeared in Galaxy S4. And the evolution is on its path since that time. Let us see who would be some other silent brand of the market, Samsung, LG or the first.

Another good part of LG G5 would be its screen. Samsung has ring the bell with the launch of Galaxy Note Edge 2 that we're going to see new form factors with intriguing design and high end revolution. In 2015, we would see not only 4k- resolution display but also all new screen form factor that is flexible or foldable.

Also, there are few rumors, which indicate existence of 3D display in LG G5. The tendency is always changing and new things and attributes and approaching to the market but 3D display isn't new to smartphone if your recall HTC Evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D. If LG engineers manage get 3D in a lightweight, optimised and efficient screen then of course we would witness something in LG G5.

More to come and more to discover!

The storyline of LG G5 has began on the internet and soon there would be bunch of LG G5 rumours and specifications that would be rolling over the net. The above-discussed specifications and based on rumours, revealed info and characteristics that were anticipated, so no one can verify what really will come out in the industry, as there is no official statement. We have to wait for many months; first we'd welcome interesting LG G4 and yes this launching would additionally gives hint toward the LG G5. Shortly, we would have notion images prepared and other upgrades on G5 stay tuned with us. And do share your views with your invaluable comments.

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