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HTC ONE M10 Release date rumours price

While HTC is seemingly working on a second 2014 flagship dubbed the HTC Aero, it's the HTC One M10 which is likely to really impress, as that's the following phone in HTC's primary flagship line.

There are plenty and some rumours of other things which we can take a guess at, although it probably won't be here for a while. Here's what you must learn about it.

One M10 Release date and cost

The last few HTC mains have all found early in the year and we had expect that to continue with the HTC One M10, so you'll likely see it in March or April of 2016, though there's always a possibility that it'll turn up at MWC 2016 towards the end of February.

New HTC  design

HTC has become known for creating gorgeous handsets, which look both premium and stylish in a way which once just Apple appeared capable of, so the design of the HTC One M10 will be of major interest.

During the last few years HTC has been refining the design found on the HTC One M9, HTC One M8 and HTC One that is first, so it's possible that the HTC One M10 will have a similar but further processed appearance.

We're not convinced though. For one thing it is hard to see what else HTC can do to improve the layout without drastically altering it, but more significantly in an interview with the Taipei Times HTC's CEO Cher Wang stated that the firm plans to make major progress in the design and innovation of its next main. Meanwhile we also got to know that HTC is also working HTC  X9 Smartphone.

While she did not get into details that definitely makes it sound like there could be some important changes planned.

Whatever design with though we had anticipate it's going to be every bit as premium as the HTC One M9, the business goes.

htc one m10


We do not know anything about the display of the HTC One M10 yet. It's rumoured that the HTC Aero might have a 1440 x 2560 QHD display, in which case the HTC One M10 likely will as well, although up to now the firm has stuck with 1080p screens on its mains.

It's not understood what size the screen will likely be either.

HTC M10 Performance

We'd anticipate the HTC One M10 will sport a Snapdragon 820 chip at the very least and there is a chance that it will have something much more powerful and newer given that it is unlikely to start until 2016.

It's bound to have at least 3GB of RAM, as the HTC One M9 has that, but it may get pushed up to 4GB.

Best Camera phone ever

The HTC One M10 may support wireless charging, or at least that is what CTimes claims to have heard. That wouldn't be except that metal cases can interfere with chargers that are wireless such a surprise, so it further suggests that HTC's next flagship could sport a new layout.

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